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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Spring is here and working is going to be hard April 18, 2008

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It is spring here and absolutely beautiful outside. All my family wants to do is hang out in the fresh air and play. Although this is a wonderful thing after months of freezing cold weather, it is making it incredibly hard to work.

I am currently working on sets of aprons, chef hats and oven mitts for small children. Almost everything I make is based on something that my children love. My youngest always wants to help “cook” and wants to be just like mom and gramma. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to pull hot things out of the oven when he has carried off the oven mitts. Hence, the need for child sized play oven mitts.

I thought about making actual oven mitts that can be used for cooking, but I realized that it would give him license to actually touch the oven, and at 15 months, that’s a bad thing. I may make some to sell that are actually oven proof, but not right now.

On another note, I was reading this post the other day and started thinking about how my family has grown in the past two years.

Just over two years ago, I had one child, and although I wanted more, my husband at the time kept saying it was the “wrong time”. I soon realized that it wasn’t the wrong time it was the wrong person.

I met the right person a short time later. Now I have four kids, and couldn’t be happier. We are actually thinking about having another baby. All the kids (except for the 15 month old) keep asking when there is going to be another sister or brother. How’s that for a change of pace?

The point of this story is, when it’s the right person and the right family, you will know what the perfect family size is for you.


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