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Oven Mitts…to go with the aprons April 28, 2008

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Over the weekend, I made some play oven mitts to go with the aprons:

I can’t wait to make more, they are so much fun. I would have had a ton of them, except that I ran out of batting. I thought I had a whole ton of it. It’s not something I use often in my crafts, so it’s not in the main crafting area of my studio. So, when I went to go dig it out, I only had a little tiny bit. Bummer!!!

So, instead of working on the oven mitts, I went “yard saleing”. Yep, in my part of the world, that’s an actual word. Let me tell you, I can spend all day going from yard sale to yard sale. People have no idea what treasures they are just giving away :).

I tend to use “upcycled” products in most of my crafts. I guess that’s my way of saving the world. So, yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores are my friends. Right now, I’m working on a diaper bag made out of a really cool vintage woven fabric. I got it at a yard sale in a box full of really cool vintage fabric. Probably about 5 lbs, for $2.00. I love deals.

Can’t wait to show you the finished product. Hopefully, it will be finished tonight as long as the little guy cooperates! 15 month old babies just don’t understand the need to sew.


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