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On Sickness and Being a Work at Home Mom May 7, 2008

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This week in our house has been miserable. For the kids more than me, but I didn’t fair too well, either. It all started Thursday night when my daughter came home with terrible food poisoning. That was the first extremely long night for me. The poor kid could not have been sicker.

Friday night everyone was reasonably healthy, but my 8 year old was extremely clingy. The next day we figured out why. He woke up with a fever of almost 104. Ugghhh. Mommy to the rescue, again.

I then think I’m getting a break, I start cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I start thinking about work again. I plan long days of ironing, sewing, and packaging. Yesterday my youngest gives me a break and sleeps most of the day. You would think I would have figured out something was wrong, then..but, no, I just get excited that I have some time for myself.

Then today, the youngest one starts with a fever and uncontrollable crying. We make an appointment and find out that he has a terrible throat infection. Actually, he has the throat part of hand, foot and mouth disease. Who gets that? My mother in law’s reaction was priceless. She said “That’s what the kids in China have“. Really, no kidding. It’s killing kids in China.

Anyway, my business has gone the way of the sick kids. Sewing is not an option when your kids need you. I did get two bags made. Check them out:

The sling bag

The inside pocket

The messenger diaper bag with removable zippered pocket

The zippered pocket.

Hopefully that is the end of the sickness. I have some major catching up to do.


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