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Spending time with the family June 3, 2008

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I took an unexpected blogging break. Things have been going crazy around here and crafting was just not going to happen for me, neither was blogging.

Part of the problem is being a stay at home mom to a teenager and a one year old. They seem to have the same mental age…I’m not kidding. Seriously, you make either one of them mad, and they have a complete melt down. The only difference is the one year old doesn’t know any swear words :).

Plus, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and the pain and fatigue has been acting up lately. The change in weather does it to me every time, add a teenager with emotional problems and you got a flare up. It’s getting better now that I have gone to the doctor and was placed on new medicine, but for a while I couldn’t even get out bed some days.

During this particular flare-up, I came across Tama’s post about being rushed. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am constantly feeling like I’m behind on everything. I understand her pain, because I live it. Instead of taking time to do something right, I do it half-assed and then get mad because it creates problems later. Well, between that, and a long talk with my doctor, I realize that I have to rethink my goals. Now, I’m trying to do things right, and if everything doesn’t get done, it will still be there tomorrow (or the next day). And surprise, if you don’t spend 45 minutes looking for a pen that “was right there..I know I left it on the stove..why isn’t it there anymore..” I have more time to spend with my children.

Actually, the 8 year old (who is a Prince these days) and the one year old, myself and 8 other family members went to the Ringling Bros Circus last weekend and had a blast.

The kids got to go into the “ring” and watch the clowns and acrobats up close. Unfortunately we got there too late to see the animals, but the clowns were adorable.

You can just catch a glimpse of the one year old on his cousin’s lap. He was enthralled by the acrobats. I shouldn’t be surprised, all he wants to do is climb, climb, climb. These guys and girls were *way* up in the air. I could just see his little brain saying “hmmm, how do I get up there?”.

The horses and the elephants were my favorites. I didn’t get to actually see the elephants, after an hour and a half, the baby wanted to run around and our seats didn’t permit that (I still say there should be consideration made to families with small children when people design stadiums, but alas they don’t ask my opinion) so I leave you with a picture of the elephants that my sister took.

I have a lot more pictures, but they are mostly blurry. Feel free to browse around in my web album if you want to see more.


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