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Goats, I tell ya, Goats June 5, 2008

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As I indicated in my last post, my teenager is going a little bit nuts lately. (Well, a lot nuts, but I’m trying to be optimistic about the whole thing). Yesterday she skipped school with a conversation that went like this:

Teen: “I’m going to walk to school today.”
Dad: “You never walk to school, are you really going to school?”
Teen: “Ye-es (said in that teenage voice that seems to be mastered at age 2), I’m going to school. “
Dad: “You know if you don’t go to school, we will find out. I will call the school”
Teen: “Dad, I’m going to school, you don’t have to call, it’s the last full day of school, of course I’m going”

Well, at 10 am, Dad called the school and guess what ….*dramatic pause*…Miss Teen was not at school. (At this point, are any of you surprised? Me, neither).

So, she gets grounded. She already lost her internet and cell phone for leaving the house out of her window and now she’s stuck in the house. You’d think she’d learn. You are completely wrong.

Today, I woke up and read this article on CNN. It seems that the new rage in 12-18 year olds is to email naked pictures to each other. I decided then and there that I was trading all the kidlings in for goats.

Look at it this way:
1. You can still answer “yes” when asked “Do you have kids?”
2. You don’t have to buy 12 gallons of milk a week (That is our average, we are big milk drinkers). They make their own and you can drink it.
3. You don’t have to beg and plead for the lawn to get mowed. They are happy to oblige.
4. You can sell the wool (or better yet, spin it, knit it and sell the finished product) and the milk.
5. They don’t talk back (At least not much).

As I all planned this all out, I got the following phone call from Teen’s school.

Principal: “Miss Teen was sent to the office for yelling at a teacher. You will have to come get her”
Me: “Ok, let me make the arrangements and someone will be there shortly.”
Principal: “Well, that’s just it, we can’t find her. She never showed up in my office.”
Me: “OooK, what do you want me to do?”
Principal: “Nothing, really, we just can’t find her and thought you should know. She will be punished next year.”
Me: “OoooooKay, I’ll call her Dad.”

Seriously…Goats, I’m going to raise goats. Someone should have told me this before I started having children….


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