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Purse (Diaper Bag) Love June 8, 2008

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I am on the search for the perfect diaper bag. One not so big that it’s ridiculous (yes, I made a two foot long bag – don’t ask), and one that is not “cute”. I’m really not a “cute” person. I’m more a practical person.

Being a practical person, my most important requirement is that it doesn’t get in my way and can hold all my stuff as well as the baby’s. I started with this messenger bag:

This bag has a ton of pockets, including a removable “diaper” pocket that can be snapped to a stroller. I would love this bag, except that the fabric is a black and pink plaid. Remember my thing about “cute”? Nothing pink, even this cool plaid, will ever be a part of my wardrobe. I have a phobia. It’s documented. I wish I could be one of those people who can rock pink, but I’m more the black and white type.

Well, since I didn’t have enough fabric in a color and weight that I would like, I started making more “slouchy” bags.

This is my current diaper bag. No, it’s not black and white, but it’s a nice plain khaki. It’s almost perfect. It has two interior pockets, and is big enough for most stuff. I can shove two diapers and a plastic bag of wipes. (I’m not cool enough to have one of those plastic cases, and I plan on making a permanent case out of fused plastic bags, but for now I use a ziploc.) I can also put my wallet and one knitting project in it. I can even put a small grocery order in it (if I take out the knitting). The only problem comes when I feel like I have to pack the entire house in it. Then it’s too small, but the only thing big enough is my two foot long bag :).

Anyway, since I love it so much I made some more and put them in my store.

Have a look:

I love the next one, but I had already made the one I use, so it’s up for sale:

Hope you like them.


One Response to “Purse (Diaper Bag) Love”

  1. clockworkpink2 Says:

    Such a cute purse. My sister would love that as a diaper bag!

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