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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Summer starts and Stuff…. June 19, 2008

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I am up very early today after about 5 hours of sleep, in order to blog and catch a few minutes to myself after a very hectic week. Last Saturday, Hubby aggravated a slipped disk in his back and has been off work and in bed for a week. It’s the beginning of summer, and I don’t have my stuff together, so I’m just kind of winging it with the boys. And to top it off, I’m very late getting ready for the craft shows coming up and I’m extremely late sewing a dress for my sister’s wedding (it’s tomorrow).

This summer I had a plan in my head. We are going to have structured days outside, I’m going to work during nap time, and Bubba, the 8 year old, is going to get a set amount of TV time. Well, let me tell you, that plan went right out the window on Saturday. Instead, I have been just trying to maintain the house, get sewing done as I can, and not go crazy. It’s not really working.

The kids and I did one afterthought activity this week. I made them go outside, and after 15 minutes of “I’m bored” by Bubba, and trying to keep the baby from leaving the yard, I got out the sidewalk chalk.

I really thought that this would fail. I was pretty sure that Bubba was too old to think drawing on the sidewalk was cool, and the baby was too young. Boy was I wrong. Bubba had a blast drawing all kinds of things, and the baby just wanted to be like “Bubby”. The only trouble was when the baby decided to draw on Bubba’s drawings, but even that was resolved rather peacefully.

We finished the day with Bubba taking a swim, and the baby playing with the hose just outside the pool. The baby is afraid of the pool for some reason, he loves water but I think the pool is a little to slippery for his liking. This is not a bad thing, it just means that Mom has to get in with him, and when the weather is chilly (77 degrees), Mom does not get in the pool. So we compromised by giving him the hose and a bucket so he could play with his brother.


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