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My sister’s wedding June 22, 2008

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I made my dress out of a $3.50 sheet I found at Goodwill and some .50 lace I found at a thrift store. I used lamby’s excellent tutorial from Craftster and changed the straps, etc so I could wear a real bra. I’m pretty proud of it.

Unfortunately, I did not get a great picture of the dress. I finished it shortly before I had to leave and with everything going on, I couldn’t get anyone to take a good picture of it. I hope you can tell what it looks like.

I’ll try to get better pictures after I wash it. My 18 month old slimed it at dinner!

On a side note, if you are going to buy a body shaper, the ones at Walmart, with the hook and eye fasteners in the crotch are not a good purchase. It takes a gymnast to get them open to go to the bathroom and closing them again is horrible. My mother agrees, she has one, also and we both had some interesting times Smiley.

The wedding was beautiful. My nephew walked his mom down the aisle, and I lost it. I really missed my dad at that moment, but I know he was there.

My sister has 4 kids and they were all in the wedding..

The oldest:

The twins:

And the boy:

Aren’t they adorable? I was such a proud aunt!!!

Their theme was a beach wedding and the the cake was to die for. Not only was it beautifully done, it was very, very good!!! No dry wedding cake here.

My niece and nephew were beautiful dancers. I hope they never lose their exuberance and excitement for life.

And finally, a picture of both my sisters. Don’t you just love their faces?

I couldn’t get in the picture because I had a very tired and cranky baby on my lap. A picture was not a good reason to move him. I’m going to a picnic with them next week, I’ll get one there.


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