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Happiness is your own space June 26, 2008

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It seems that getting clean, organized or remodeled is a common theme among the wonderful people in the blogosphere. Cathie is picking out paint colors for her craft room (love the chandelier by the way), Posie gets Cozy is organizing her whole house (and making me extremely jealous..this woman has some organizing skills!), Enchanting Juno is painting her walls, and Tama is trying to clean up her errand running (I have to say I am very impressed, I am an errand junkie). It is also a theme around here in the Geek household.

First of all, you have to understand, up until yesterday there were six people living in our very tiny house. It didn’t start out that way, and we certainly didn’t plan it, but that’s the way it turned out.

Our story starts out with Hubby getting a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime, job 3 hours away from where we lived. His mother lived an hour away from the job, so he began staying there during the week, and coming home on weekends. Well, for a new mom just getting over post partum depression with no family nearby, this didn’t work. So, we packed up me and Baby and we also moved in with his mom.

Bubby was comfortable in his school, and had lived in the area we moved from all of his life, so he stayed with his dad during the week and with on the weekends. He camped out on the couch, and it wasn’t too big of a deal. His clothes and things were in the Baby’s room, and all was cool. He just slept on the couch because he woke the Baby if he watched tv in the bedroom. Then Miss Teen moved in.

She obviously needed a place of her own being a teenager and the only girl. So, the Baby moved in with us, she got the Baby’s room, and Bubby got pushed out. We planned on getting our own place, but nothing seemed “right”. Either the rooms were too small, the house was in disrepair or the rent was way too high. Finally, Mother in Law suggested we just stay here, and she would move. However, due to circumstances with her job, she’s not going to be moving anytime soon.

Bubby put up with not having his own space well for the school year. He complained, but since he was only here on the weekends and over school holidays, it was ok in the end. However, that all changed when summer came.

Now he’s at our house most of the time, and not having a private area of his own is starting to get hard. The Eldest came to visit last weekend and pointed out to us, that everyone needs a space for themselves. He’s pretty smart that Eldest boy of ours.

So, Hubby and I decided that we were going to move to the basement and put Bubby and the Baby in the attic room we were in. This would work because the attic was the length of the house and I could section it off so the Baby couldn’t see the tv and wouldn’t wake up as long as Bubby kept headphones on. The problem was the basement was being used for storage and my craft room, is hideously ugly and needed a *ton* of work.

Monday morning I began working. I scrubbed the basement, organized my craft things (which was a huge mess) and cleared out a space for our bedroom. It would have to stay hideously ugly for a while, I just didn’t have time to paint. Hubby is still laid up, and Mother in Law works, so I was doing this on my own with an extremely active toddler. What should have taken me two days, took me the better part of a week. Painting was going to have to wait.

I got the basement finished, and was ready to call in the reinforcements for the furniture move, when Mother in Law had the brilliant idea to call Miss Teen at her mother’s and make sure that she was coming back to live with us. Surprise, she was not. Her mother and she reached an agreement and she was going to live “at home” again.

We thought about what to do…Do we put Bubby in Miss Teen’s room and keep the Baby in our room? Or, do we go with our original plan to put the boys together, and we take Miss Teen’s room? After about 2.3 seconds of deliberation, we decided on option 2, even though it would be more work for me.

I spent today cleaning out Miss Teen’s room, packing up her incredible amount of clothing, taking her daybed to the basement (which was nicely clean) and in the space of a few hard hours, I had a clean, clear room. Hubby called his brother, and he took a desk up to Bubby’s room and brought our bed down.

I have never been so excited to have my own room in my life. After months of having to do everything around the Baby, and never having time to just “veg” in bed, I can finally do that. I can dress in my own room instead of in the bathroom. I can put laundry away in a timely. Before, I would have to struggle with watching the Baby as he tore everything apart, while I tried to put the laundry away. He’s not big enough yet to plop him in front of the tv, and say “watch this show while Mommy goes upstairs and cleans.” It was easier to wait until another adult was home, and hope that they didn’t have something else going on. Now our bedroom’s on the first floor, and I can watch him while doing the cleaning.

Bubby’s excited, too. He can finally have the desk he was wanting forever. He can put stuff away without fear that the Baby will get it. He can just go “be alone” sometimes, surrounded by his own things.

Plus, we have a nice clean, cool space to put a family room. It’s amazing how much space I cleared out in the basement. Now we are going to paint it a lively color to take away the dungeon feel and we will have a huge space to hang out in. It will be close to my craft area and Hubby’s office area, so we can actually get work done as the boys play. WoooHoooo.

We will miss Miss Teen, and we are sorry that she’s not here. That’s not the point of the post, I would be just as happy in my own bedroom in the hideously ugly dungeon. The point is, we all finally have a place of our own, and this house is starting to feel like a Home, rather than a stop off point. And, I’m amazed at how well we can fit all of us, when we put some thought and effort into it. It’s still tiny, but it’s no longer claustrophobic.


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