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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Why I’m not crafting or blogging July 12, 2008

Filed under: Kids — geekch1ck @ 2:35 am

It seems that this summer is the summer of busyness. I am finding it incredibly hard to get into a groove, and the summer is half over already. So, my blogging and crafting have taken a nose dive. It has been fun, though.

We have been busy bees, doing summer type things with the kids. There are a ton of playgrounds around our house, and we have gone to most of them. Every day is an adventure.

The kids’ favorite park is a wooden structure about 3 miles from our house. We drive to it, since I know they will be tired by the time we are done, and the walk back would be torture. It has all kinds of forts, and a barn, and a sand pit. What could be more fun.

At our Fourth of July picnic (which was actually on the 5th), the Baby spent some time playing yard hockey with his uncle. Doesn’t that make a cute picture?

Finally, we have learned to never, ever let the Baby alone with a bowl of spaghetti. He loves hats and an ooey, gooey hat is even better.

I have actually been working on some embroidery designs, and a baby blanket for Hubby’s boss’s new daughter. I will post pictures of both when I can get a good picture. I also picked up a sketch book and a pencil for the first time in 2 years, in order to draw out some pictures that have been in my head. I have gotten too used to using my computer for my artwork and sketching, and it has become “clinical” and not at all organic. I didn’t realize how much I missed actually sketching. Plus, I can take it with me and draw something when the inspiration hits. I will have to get my scanner out and set up so I can post some of my work.

It has been a crazy hectic summer so far, but I’m hoping everything calms down for the second half. I am really missing my sewing machine, and I’m pretty sure it’s missing me.


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