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Unexpected Blog Vacation August 2, 2008

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Oops, I went on an unexpected blog vacation there. Sorry about that, but there is a very good reason why…I promise!!!

First of all, with Hubby still home because of his back, I don’t seem to be able to get anything done except cleaning, running errands and cooking.

I have been trying to get my errands done on one or two days right after pay day, so the major grocery shopping, Walmart trips, and craft supply errands all happen once every 15 days. However, when you have a sick person in the house, it makes it hard to hold everything until the next payday. There are doctor’s appointments, medicine to pick up, and the gallons and gallons of milk to get.

There is also a heck of a lot of cleaning and straightening to do. With three kids and three adults in the house, it gets pretty messy regularly. Since, G-ma works, and I’m home all day, I feel it’s necessary for the house to be spotless when she comes home. It doesn’t always work that way, but it’s ingrained in me. The older kids help, but as with all kids, it’s a half hearted job after 15 reminders. Most days it’s just easier for me to do it as I go along.

This is also the reason that I do all the cooking. G-ma does do some of the cooking on the weekends and on the errant weeknight, when it has been an especially busy day for me, but the majority of the cooking is on my chore list. No, the kids don’t help here (at least not without supervision). Miss Teen can use the stove, but we would only ever have toasted cheese and french toast. That’s all she likes to cook.

That leads me to reason number 2: Miss Teen has moved back home. Now, if you remember, we had a major upheaval when Miss Teen went back to her mom’s at the beginning of the summer. Well, after two months, she decided that she would rather live with us, and moved back in. I was not willing to take away anyone’s space, so we were once again looking at the basement as a viable bedroom for Hubby and me. Once again we started to work out the details, this time I went as far as buying 4o yards of upholstery fabric to create make shift walls, when Miss Teen had the idea of putting all of the kids in our very large attic bedroom.

Surprisingly, this has worked out pretty well. The room is the width and length of the entire house so it is big enough for 3 kids, and they each have their own separate space in the room as a whole. Miss Teen and Bubba still need privacy screens, so there is some “Ok, get out while I get dressed” issues, but overall they are cooperative, and sharing nicely. Who knew that a teenage girl, an 8 year old boy and a 18 month old boy could share a room without fighting?

That leaves the basement as a family room for friends, and the living room as a “big people room”. Woo hoo.

When I sat down at the machine last night to sew a shirt for Miss Teen I realized that I had not sewn in over a month, and other than some random polymer clay fun and a row of knitting here or there, I have not done any crafting…no wonder I am so stressed out.

So, Miss Teen and I went to Walmart and picked up some fabric and a pattern, and I am off to sew her a dress. I was so happy when she looked in the pattern catalogs and exclaimed…”You can make me cuter clothes than what I can get at Aeropostle and PacSun!!!”

I get to sew while she watches the boys, I’m so happy!!!!


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