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Wow!! It’s been a long time November 20, 2008

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I really didn’t mean to disappear from my blog for such a long time, but life just seemed to interfere.

Hubby had his back surgery, and although it went well, it was still hard on the family (well, at least me). I am used to a certain amount of help throughout a day, and without him to pitch in, things got a little out of hand.

Between cleaning, taking care of him and the kids, and getting very crafting done, by the time I sat down to write a post, I could barely think. There are about 20 drafts sitting here, none of which ever got past the first paragraph.

In the past few months, our Eldest went into the Army, Miss Teen went back to live with her mom, and G-ma moved into her own apartment. All of a sudden, it has become very quiet around here. So, what did I do?

1. Cleaned out every room in the house, and made proper room for Hubby’s computers and my crafts (this is still on going)

2. Threw out a ton of “stuff”. It seems we just keep things around here forever. Seriously, how many broken toys does a child (or adult) need?

3. Sat on my tush and breathed a sigh of relief.

It has been a month since the “Grand Upheaval” and I am finally getting down to business. As for my craft business, that had to be put aside for awhile. There was just no time. Now things are calming down and I can finally start thinking about it again.

My sister and I are starting a new Etsy shop named Waters Girls. I’m not linking to it now, because there is nothing there. But in the next few days we will have some awesome things for you to see. I can’t wait for you to check out the bird houses my brother in law creates. Seriously, I want one in the worst way.

Well, so that this is not a total wordy post, here is a picture of the baby checking out the first snow of the season:

From Sam and Jimmy

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