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Big News Around Here!!! November 24, 2008

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We are going to be grandparents!!!

Meet the Eldest:

From Joe and Meg

Isn’t he cute? Doesn’t he look way too young to be a Dad? Or is that just me? He’s 20, soon to be 21 years old. By the time his dad was his age, he was 3 years old. By the time I was that age, he was 6. Somehow, when it pertains to him, I am flabbergasted that he is old enough to be a parent.

But, it is not up to me, is it? So, yesterday we received a call from Oklahoma, with the news that his fiance had taken two pregnancy tests, and both were “very quickly positive”.

We are thrilled, really. We had already expected this news, and his fiance already has a little girl that we consider our grandchild. Somehow, though, this is very, very different.

Now, remember, the Baby is only 2. We will have a grandchild that is 2 years younger than our youngest, and one that is a few months older. Although I know this is not a new thing, it still disturbs me on some level. Not in a particularly bad way, but more in a funny way. It just kind of makes me laugh.

Here’s a pic of the four kids, taken about a year ago. That is how long it’s been since we have had all the kids in one place at one time.

From Four_Kids


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