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The Ultimate Sweater Machine December 4, 2008

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I have been trying to come up with a blog post since all my craftiness is being channeled into Christmas. Even the tutorial that I am working on is a Christmas present, so I can’t put it up until January.

Then I remembered, I never blogged about my most wonderful Goodwill purchase! I can’t believe I forgot to do that.

The Goodwill in my town ROCKS!! Not only can I find awesome clothes and toys for my kids, but I found an Ultimate Sweater Machine for $30. Actually, I had to buy two so that I could get all of the parts, but the total price was $30.

Its great even though it only does stockinette stitch easily. You can do rib stitch and cable stitches, but it’s easier for me to just hand knit those. However, the time saved in stockinette is amazing.

The box says “Knit a sweater in two evenings”, and that’s the time it took me to knit up this sweater for the Baby. And one of those nights was learning how to use it.

From Crafts

It’s not perfect since it was a trial piece, but it was nice enough to actually put on him, which I never expected. I did all the stockinette on the machine and the ribbing by hand. It was such a quick little sweater and I now want to outfit everyone I know in simple sweaters. I can’t wait to try some colorwork with it.

And, since I’m that kind of mom, here are the gratuitous action shots (actually I just like showing off his cute face)….

From Sam and Jimmy
From Sam and Jimmy

One Response to “The Ultimate Sweater Machine”

  1. Owlhaven Says:

    What a sweet sleepy picture!! Precious baby!


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