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It’s that time of year! December 15, 2008

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The time of year when I send my self into anxiety induced paralysis. Yesterday was the day. I had 10 days until Christmas, and a ton of things to get done, and I spent the day forcing myself to do anything.

It happens every year. I get about half way through December with a mission and a plan, and then, because I keep adding things to the plan, I get overwhelmed about 10 days out. I also never, ever plan for the inevitable emergency or mishap.

This year I was on a roll. My Holiday sewing was going right on plan, then Rob invited me to do Holiday Craft Fair one week away. Needless to say, I was not prepared, and spent an entire week sewing like a mad woman. I ignored all Christmas sewing and family obligations except the imperative ones (feeding and changing the Baby).

I did the craft fair (my first) and had an excellent day. I actually made enough cash to do some Christmas shopping at the Lutzy’s Lather booth and at Rob’s booth. And I had fun. Craft Fairs are definitely the fun part of this business.

Anyway, with all that non Christmas crafting, I am now a week behind on my gift sewing and we have a funeral to go to tomorrow which will take at least 36 hours away from my crafting. So, even though I planned to be done a week early, I panicked myself into paralysis. Does anyone else have that problem?

Luckily, after going to bed at 8 pm last night, I woke up with a new purpose and started a new Schedule. I can still get this done, but it will be tight and may involve an all nighter or two. I’m optimistic, not crazy.


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