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Pennsylvania Etsy Shops February 11, 2009

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Lately I have been looking at our very bare walls and trying to decide on artwork to display. We have had bare walls since October, and it’s about time that I start making it look like someone is actually living here.

Here are two of the Pennsylvania fine artists that I’m looking at..

Aren’t these original watercolors from Atchison Arts beautiful? I really want the Baby Breastfeeding picture for my studio. I have always found the bond between a nursed baby and mother to be incredibly special. Plus, I’m missing my “baby” being a baby.

The paintings at My Good Babushka slightly disturb me. Slightly disturbing is what we’re about here in the geek household, so they would be perfect in my living room. Who else could boast a painting of dissected mice in formalin? I love them.

Now if I could just get over my “must hang artwork exactly right” OCD problem, maybe I could actually have decorated walls..



2 Responses to “Pennsylvania Etsy Shops”

  1. Julie Schuler Says:

    thank you so much for your kind assessment! It’s always nice to hear from another mom and fellow etsyian.

  2. lolasmom Says:

    i love that breastfeeding baby painting, as well!

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