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Pennsylvania Etsy Shops February 13, 2009

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Today we are still focusing on things I want for my house. I think I have cabin fever because everything in my house is driving me nuts. I want to paint, lay new carpet, change my appliances..Oh, yeah, let me get back to original thought…

These two artists make the most amazing things for the home. Check them out (images are linked to the product)…

I love decoupaged items and ornithological prints. Insitu Decorative Arts fits the bill on both counts. Check out their mixed media shadowboxes, too. Wonderful.

Don’t get me started on smells. I have an extremely sensitive nose, and living with all boys is torture some days. Sew Fragrant’s sachets would be a perfect way to combat the inevitable “boy smell”. And the choices of fabric – seriously adorable.

Well, I’m off to contemplate new curtains…



2 Responses to “Pennsylvania Etsy Shops”

  1. Insitu Decorative Arts Says:

    Thanks again for the wonderful post about Insitu. I love what you’re doing with your blog and Pennsylvania artists! I’m going to send links to the other Philly Etsy Team members, they’ll love reading it. and if you ever need any custom images decoupaged under glass for your new home decor give me a buzz.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Cool blog! Enjoyed reading the PA slant. Suzanne at Insitu sent me over to take a looksee, since I’m part of her Philly Etsy team!

    jericas jewelry

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