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Pennsylvania Etsy Shops February 18, 2009

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Today’s focus is on paper crafters. Once again, paper crafting is something I’ve tried (I’ve tried just about everything) and just can’t get into. For some reason, fabric scraps and piles of fabric don’t bother me, but piles of paper and paper scraps, do. There’s probably a psychological link to grade school there somewhere, but we won’t go there. The big joke is around my house is that I bought 100 pair of fancy scissors, and promptly gave them to my son who was 3 at the time (he was/is a careful child).

Anyway, even though I can’t get into the whole paper crafting movement, I love beautiful notecards and journals. They just have to be of the “finished” variety.

Check out these two artists for beautiful paper items:

disCARDS has the most adorable notecards made with recycled and vintage paper. I love her shop announcement where she says “All disCARDS items are made with vintage and recycled materials, plus a dash of love (the love is neither recycled nor vintage – but it’s genuine!)”.

Check out her button bouquets, too. What a great idea for the button lover in your life (everyone has one).

Oh Mandie has a line of journals that are to die for. I love, love, love journals. What makes hers unique is that she uses the ends from a paper mill. So, new paper that would normally go into the trash gets recycled into usable journals and scrap paper sets.

She also makes beautiful, Victorian inspired necklaces. I can see her work laying on a dressing table in an Victorian bedroom with an ornate four poster bed in the center of the room…Ahhh, elegance.

Please give your love to both these ladies. And remember, people still like receiving handwritten notes, even if you hate your handwriting.



3 Responses to “Pennsylvania Etsy Shops”

  1. Fresh Paper Says:

    I totally hate my handwriting, lol. Lovely selection and Thanks so much for the encouragement.

  2. disCARDS Says:

    Thanks for the feature! What sweet comments!

  3. ElegantSnobbery Says:

    Lovely features!! I’ve bought from OhMandie! several times. Her shop just gets more and more fabulous!!

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