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Work at Home: Social Networking February 19, 2009

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to tell you that even in my days as a full blown computer geek (as opposed to the half blown one I am now) I was never a big social networking gal. I may have checked out Slashdot once in awhile, but mostly I ignored the craze.

When I became a stay at home mom, I found a need to be connected to others in the same situation. That meant social networks. So, I signed up for a Myspace account since my sisters had them. As you can see if you click, I don’t update things there very often. Instead, I soon went to Facebook because that was where my “in real life” friends were.

When I started my business, I realized I have to expand my network a bit more. I signed up for a Twitter account because everyone has one and I love it. I could hang out on Twitter all day. Then I started looking at the Cafe Mom site, since I signed up there awhile ago and did nothing with it. I try to check out the Etsy and Artfire forums, and of course, the Handmade in PA forums. Finally, I’m a member of Twitter Moms.

Last night, I requested a critique of my shop from the wonderful Etsians in the forums, and one thing that they kept coming back to was the need to promote my shop. When I told my husband this, he laughed and said “Don’t you spend enough time on the computer? When are you going to actually work?”

So, my question to all of you nice readers is – how do you use your social networks? Are you on just one or two? Do you check every one every day? Does Google make some kind of application that I can use to check all social networks at once? And, finally, how do you keep from spending all day on the computer? Not that I don’t want to spend all day on the computer, but my son needs to eat sometimes :).

Thanks for helping me out…



5 Responses to “Work at Home: Social Networking”

  1. TheWireSmith Says:

    I do facebook and twitter, but not a whole lot. haven’t really seen the benefit yet. I guess one has to be “friends” with the universe and there are no levels, such as colleague, casual friend, etc. My family and those type of folks are considered equal and that’s not really right. I don’t know, it might work, but I might be approaching it wrong.

  2. The Point Says:

    I think it just takes time. It’s funny you and are thinking about a lot of the same stuff right now. I need to look into some of the things you mention. Do you find Facebook helpful? TwitterMom?

  3. geekch1ck Says:

    I feel the same way about the levels of friends. Which is why I discarded the whole idea for years. My family and friends knew how to get a hold of me on IM or email if they wanted me.

    However, I have seen a big increase in views in both my sites since I started using Facebook and Twitter to promote my shop. I haven’t really gotten much through Twitter Moms, but I don’t do as much there.

    I will say, believe the hype about being on Etsy forums and chats. I received twice as many views just by hanging out there.

  4. Artlife Says:

    i’m there with you on “how do i not waste all day promoting and not have any energy left to create!” i guess a balance is needed. schedule out time for both and stick to that schedule…not that i follow my own advice much!! 🙂

  5. miss pigeon Says:

    I have myspace, facebook and twitter. If you “sync” twitter with myspace and facebook, twitter will update your status in both social sites. 🙂 It’s a real time saver. Also… If you add your blog feed, (rss,) to both facebook and myspace your blog posts will also update both social sites. 🙂

    On facebook I recommend starting a business/fan page, to keep the general public internet audience away from your personal facebook account. Here’s mine: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Media-PA/miss-pigeons-attic/28249018840 so you can see it in action. Facebook calls blog posts “notes”.

    P.S. Even with all of the dynamic content I do feel glued to the computer. lol

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