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Disney Scrapbook: Swimming (Variations on a Theme) March 31, 2009

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I usually do a double page spread of each topic. I prefer my books to be laid out that way. However, today, I really liked the picture of my son and his cousin so I made a separate page in order to hang it on the wall. I think the simplicity of the one photo on a 12×12 spread will look great. I cannot wait to get it printed since I have a crafty way of how I want to display it.

Anyway, here are the pages:

From Disney_2009_Finished
From Disney_2009_Finished
From Disney_2009_Finished

Credits: “Spontaneous Delight” Kit by Carrie Stephens
Free Digital Scrapbooking Etched Pebbles
“Sweet Rubbish” kit by Sara Carling


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