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Tools (Inspiration from @weeklyblogpost) April 1, 2009

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I have signed up with @weeklyblogpost on Twitter for weekly inspiration. This week’s topic is “Tools” and as I thought about it, I realized I never wrote about my favorite scrapbooking tools.

Most people who digiscrap use a form of Adobe Photoshop. It is the standard for graphic artists and a very good piece of software. However, the price tag has always kept it out of my range.

Instead, I use GIMP, an open source image manipulation program. It is a very robust program that has been around for years.

One thing should be said here, it is not meant to be a replacement for or identical to Photoshop. So, if you are familiar to Photoshop, don’t expect to pick up Gimp and know everything right away. It is also meant for advanced users, so there is a bit of a learning curve (there’s one for Photoshop, also) but there are some really great tutorials available.

Gimp will allow you to do everything that Photoshop does, at least in the scrapbooking arena, and it’s free. There are even free actions and brushes. If you are just getting into image manipulation I would definitely take a good hard look at this program.

My other favorite tool is my Wacom tablet. I cannot imagine trying to do much of the manipulation that I do without it. I actually use the tablet and a mouse, but only because I prefer the mouse for some things and the pen for others, and I’m not fond of the way the mouse that came with my tablet feels.

Finally, you can’t really scrapbook with out backgrounds and elements (unless you make your own, of course). Here are some links to my favorite sites for free kits, tutorials, and galleries.

Scrapbook Flair
Shabby Princess
Digital Scrapbooking Free
Scrapbook Bytes
Digital Scrapbook Place

There are many, many more sites out there, but these are the sites I go to for inspiration and wonderful freebies.

Well, those are just some of my favorite tools. I could write 10 posts on this subject, don’t even get me started on my sewing machine and scissors. What are your favorite tools?


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