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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Spring Cleaning April 21, 2009

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Every year, when the weather starts to get warm, I feel the need to Spring Clean.  I seem to get a seasonal form of OCD, and I am ruthless about getting the dirt and germs out of my house.  I open all the windows and doors and I get out the bucket and the Lysol and get to work.  I start with the obvious stuff – I clean out the toyboxes, the cupboards and closets.  I throw away everything that is broken, stained or just out of date and I organize everything else.  Months of stuff piling up and “I’ll get to it later” gets taken care of.  Even the walls and baseboards get washed up (does anyone else still do that?)

And then the threats start. Everyone in my path meets the wrath of Mom.

“If you don’t put these toys away EVERY NIGHT, I will throw them out”.

“Your toothbrush goes *into* the medicine cabinet.  If I find it on the sink again, you won’t have one.”

“There will be NO FOOD or DRINK in the bedrooms or living room.”

“If you don’t get that computer equipment off my table, I will call FreeGeek and get rid of each and every piece of computer equipment in this house”.

For about 2 weeks in spring I become a crazy person.

Don’t worry,the family is used to it, and by and large they ignore me.

The good thing about this psychosis is it’s not only the house that gets spruced up.  I start preparing healthier meals and buying fresh fruits and vegetables.  The yard gets cleaned up, and I start enjoying the back porch again.  Even the blog gets a face lift!  Everything in my life gets a once over.

As you can see by the new blog host and layout, I am well into my OCD for this year.  Come on in and put your feet up.  Enjoy the sunshine, I’ll be right with you as soon as I put these flowers in a vase.

However, if you spill your lemonade  you will not be allowed to eat or drink here any more! (Well, at least until next week when I regain my senses).


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