A Geek and her Babies

How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

My Favorite Part of the Day April 28, 2009

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There is a part of everyday when I notice the quiet and stop for a moment to enjoy it.  It is one of the best parts of being a stay at home mom.

It usually comes in the middle of the afternoon.  The baby is napping and most everyone in the neighborhood is either at work or at school.  Even my Twitter traffic slows for some reason.  It’s the part of the day when I can focus on what I want to do that day or just relax with a cup of coffee if that is what is needed.

It’s not the same as the nighttime quiet that comes when everybody goes to bed.  I can’t really enjoy the nighttime quiet because I’m too tired, and am just trying to get everything finished for the night.

No, this is a much better quiet.  There are little sounds that break it up, and I know that there is life out there, but it’s so peaceful.  Mostly because I can actually enjoy it without feeling rushed.  Soon enough the baby will be crying, or the phone will ring, but until then it’s just “time for me”.

This is my favorite part of the day.  What’s yours?


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