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Do You Value The Process or The Product May 1, 2009

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I was having a conversation with my husband tonight about why he spends so much time repeatedly installing the same OS over and over on the same computer.  I know he’s not doing something wrong, he does this for a living.  So, what’s the fascination?

This prompted a discussion about the difference between process oriented people and product oriented people.  It seems that I am a product oriented person.  Which explains (according to hubby) why I’m not a natural programmer.  It also might explain why I move quickly from craft to craft.

I am constantly moving toward the finished product.  I will have one or two things that I am working on, and I won’t start something new until the current item is completely done.  I usually choose small projects (children’s clothes, socks) for this same reason.   I also get very bored doing the same thing over and over.  I have to keep myself entertained with new patterns.  Getting ready for craft shows is pure torture for me since it requires sewing or knitting many of the same items.

Strangely enough, this doesn’t apply to scrapbooking.  I have problems getting to the finished book because I enjoy the process so much.

My friend Rob is a process crafter.  He doesn’t care what he’s sewing because he enjoys the physical act of sewing.   He can knit garter stitch for long periods of time, just to knit.  I really admire that.

Its not that I don’t enjoy the actual knitting and the sewing.  I do.  It’s just not mindless for me.  I am always looking forward to finishing the current item and moving on to the next. It’s still relaxing for me,  though, and that is all that matters.

I wonder if there is a psychological profile on this…just a thought.

Have you thought about what type of person you are?  Do you look forward to the finished product, or do you just enjoy the journey?


2 Responses to “Do You Value The Process or The Product”

  1. Josey Says:

    hmmm…. really good question. I think I’m a bit of both, but slightly lean towards process over product. My craft of choice these days is origami -a very traditional and repetitive craft… a given origami fold is supposed to be the same every time.

    I’ll find myself folding scraps of paper into something where other people might doodle or tap their fingers. But at the same time, I like to arrange or modify origami into non-traditional ways to make something new and different.

  2. Good food for thought! This explains why I’m sitting here with a dozen or so unfinished projects. I must prefer the process. Even though I love the finished product, I jump from project to project…which is what has made getting ready for this fair a pain in the tushie! Now, when I do get all the little stuff done I have a ton of finished product in the end, but it takes so long to get there…

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