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Following My Instincts May 2, 2009

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Before I begin this little story, I have to tell you I am normally the type of person who will talk to anyone and hates to be rude.  Tonight I followed my instincts and went against my talkative nature.  I found out later that it was the best thing I could have done.

I picked up my son from his grandfather at a McDonald’s.  When I got to the parking lot, I pulled in beside a car with a man in it.  There was nothing really odd looking about the man, but I just had a “feeling” in my gut.  Things were just not right.

He started to talk to me, and I ignored him and walked over to my son and his grandfather.  The strange man went to walk behind my car where Papa couldn’t see him and waited for me to put my son’s things in my trunk.  That’s when I really started to get uncomfortable.  I hustled my son in the car, and jumped in.

As I was doing up my seatbelt and getting ready to leave, I didn’t notice the man coming up to my car door.  Luckily, Papa did and called the man over to his car.  I noticed this, and kind of stuck around to see what was going on.  At this point, I still didn’t know what was wrong, but I was starting to get more and more worried.

After some wrestling with “do I stay or do I get the heck out of dodge”, I decided to leave.  I called my ex husband and told him what was going on, and asked him to check up on his Dad.  That’s when my son told me that Papa was telling us to get out of there.  Then I really started getting worried.

My ex finally got a hold of his Dad and got the rest of the story.  The strange man was completely  amped up.  He asked Papa for $20 and got really mad when he wouldn’t give it up.  Papa had to roll up his window and almost drive over the man to get away.  Papa was sure if I would have been there alone, I would have been mugged or worse.

Until I found this out, I felt really bad for being rude to the man.  I also felt bad for driving away from Papa.  That is not like me.  Now, I’m incredibly thankful I followed my instincts and for my ex father in law who put himself in danger to save his grandson and me.


One Response to “Following My Instincts”

  1. Josey Says:

    wow… very scary story. Glad everyone’s ok!

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