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Not adaptable May 14, 2009

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I have discovered something about myself this week.  Something that I should have already known, but seem to have avoided thinking about..

I am not adaptable.  I am a type A personality, and a bit obsessive compulsive, and if you mess with my schedule, I am going to react badly.  I am going to experience much some anxiety, and I’m going to be a hateful bitch little cranky.

Hubby took an unexpected vacation this week.  He works a lot, sometimes 12-16 hours a day depending on what is going on.  There is a regular on call schedule for his job, but he’s the Linux Guru, so if something Unix breaks he’s called.  I totally understand that he needs a break, but he could have warned me told me.

Anyway, he’s home and that messes with my schedule.  The baby and I have a routine and I am adaptable enough to deal with a two year old’s wants and needs.  But, if  you add another person to my well planned day I am in trouble.  I spend most of the day wondering where the heck my time went and how exactly did we use every single glass in the cupboard?

Hubby and I have different agendas for our days.

He thinks –  he’s on vacation, and I’m home everyday anyway, so there really shouldn’t be anything for him to do.

I think –  he’s on vacation, I actually have work to do, and if he is home anyway, he can pick up the slack.

See where the problem comes in?

On top of that, he actually wants to relax and watch 24 hours of Bones (which is my favorite show) and maybe drink a beer and eat some pizza.  And, he wants some company.  Which is great, right?  Hubby wants to hang out with me and watch my favorite show and he even bought my favorite beer.

Except that I have deadlines, and bids to submit, and a business to run.  So I decide that I can write while watching tv, and one beer won’t hurt, really.  Might actually calm me down.  But instead my anxiety level rises, because things are taking too long and the house looks like a hurricane hit it, and…well, you know.  And then I stay up late to get work done, and sleep in the next day, and oops there goes my schedule again.

Anyway, it’s been fun to hang out with Hubby this week, but I will be so glad when I can have my schedule back.


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