A Geek and her Babies

How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Family Picnic June 14, 2010

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Every year my Mom hosts a family picnic in her backyard. She has a rather large yard with plenty of room for a baseball game, or sprinklers, or just to run around in. We have a large family with most of the members (13 of them, in fact) in the under 13 set so play space is necessary.

This is the one time of year that many of us actually spend any time together. We keep up on each other’s lives through Facebook and email, but actually physically spending time together happens only once, maybe twice a year.

It’s fun to see the older kids take care of the babies. It’s even more fun to see the three year olds hang out together. My cousin and I both have three year olds that are holy terrors. We often comment about how similar they are in temperament. But, actually watching them together makes us glad that we live far apart. If these two kids got together on a regular basis, no one would be safe! It will be interesting to see what happens when we move back home and the kids are in school together. All I can say is the teachers better be on their toes.

The adults have fun, too. We egg the kids on in the water balloon fights. We try to get the kids to chase other adults with the hose. We eat a ton of food. And, we hold the babies. I get my turn with my cousin’s girls and she gets her turn with my boys. All in all it’s a great time every year.


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