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Overwhelmed and Paralyzed August 13, 2010

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I don’t have a “this moment” this week.  I haven’t even gotten my camera out of the drawer.  It’s been that kind of week.  I’m overwhelmed and paralyzed at the same time and its creating a catch-22 that I can’t seem to break.

It all started with a broken laptop screen and the resulting need to find a place to set up shop where I can be attached to a monitor.  This alone would not have been a problem, I simply cleaned out a corner of the kitchen and set up a small desk.  I needed a “command central” anyway.

Unfortunately, because I have perfectionist tendencies, this took two days to accomplish.  I also changed a medication during this time, which made me very sleepy so I felt like I was walking through mud.  Needless to say, two days of work went down the drain.

Then, the migraine came.  Another two work days went down the drain.  The first one because I knew I had a doctor’s appointment the next day, so I waited to get my shot.  Then the second one because the shot makes me a little less than functional!

Yesterday I woke up planning to get caught up, but I found that I was so far behind on both “work” work and house work that I became completely paralyzed.  Instead of just starting anywhere, I couldn’t make myself do anything.  The basics were accomplishes – we ate, I showered, the baby was changed when he needed it.  Other than that, I sat and stewed and cried.  I was incredibly fun to be around!

This paralysis remained today.  I’ve tried everything from “just doing it” (during which I found myself sitting in front of a blank screen for over 45 minutes) to taking a nap to try to snap out of it.

I know it will pass, and soon I will find that I have completed everything on my list.  But, until that time I will stew, worry and work through the mud.

How do you catch up when circumstances put you so far behind it looks hopeless?  Any suggestions?


One Response to “Overwhelmed and Paralyzed”

  1. Nemo Says:

    I’ve been there for ages… looking at the piles of work to do and feeling totally overwhelmed but I just came to some realisations this week and have found some wonderful support in the blogging community which has helped me tons and things are getting done slowly but surely. One small thing at a time… baby steps. I hope you feel better soon!!

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