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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

Moving… October 12, 2010

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Hi, it’s me.  You know, the person who promised to catch up on the summer activities and post regularly.  Yep, I know..FAIL.

But, I have an excuse (no really, it’s a good one).  We are moving to a new house!

It’s a larger house than we have now with a barn/2 car garage plus a storage shed.  Four bedrooms means we have room for the kids plus an office for Steve and I.  And, the yard is HUGE.  More than enough room for growing boys to run and play. (Although the mowing is going to take half a day!).

We are so excited.  But, the moving to do list is growing by leaps and bounds.  Three weeks to pack up and move an entire household while maintaining my work schedule and dealing with a three year old and an infant is a very small amount of time.  Not to mention that Steve can’t really do much because of his recent surgery.  Ummm, yeah.

But, with God’s help, we will get it done.  I will try to continue to post as regularly as possible and keep you all updated on the mess that is my current to do list.  Once the move is over I will have a regular schedule.  The kids are going to a great day care (my sister runs it) and I will have regular office hours.  How great is that?

Now I’m off to work until the baby wakes up…


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