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Thanksgiving Leftovers: Freezer Cooking November 27, 2010

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I hosted Thanksgiving this year.  My side of the family and my mother in law were all here for dinner which included two turkeys, a ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked corn, regular corn, green bean casserole, stuffing, spinach balls, and desserts.  It was an excellent meal and a wonderful day with family.

After everyone left, and took all the leftovers they could eat, I still had more food than six people could possibly eat before it would go bad.  So, I started creating freezer meals.  The green bean casserole and stuffing was split into meal sized portions and popped right into the freezer.  Then the turkey carcass was cooked down.  Once the dark meat was cooked off the bone, I reserved some for soup and placed the rest in the freezer for turkey pot pie and turkey tetrazzini.

The turkey broth and the rest of the turkey was made into turkey noodle soup.  Instead of following a recipe, I just boiled down the broth and added potatoes, egg noodles and corn.  It tasted really yummy and there was enough to fill two big containers.

The bone from the ham and the ham broth were placed directly into the freezer on Wednesday.  I will be making ham, green beans and potatoes out of that later in the month.

Now I have at least five meals mostly prepared and there was no wasted food.  Even the fat and bones were used to feed the feral cats and a couple of dogs in the area.  (I started a compost pile and found out quickly that we had a bunch of scavanger animals.  No compost for me, but I still don’t waste my leftovers.)


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