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Educational Idea: Grandparent Interview November 29, 2010

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My 11 year old’s 5th grade teacher gave him the assignment to write a simple biography about an older relative. The assignment’s name was “Remembering the Past While Sitting With The Future”. I did something similar in college when I interviewed my Gram. I still treasure the CDs my dad made of this interview and often consider writing a book based on her life.

Anyway, my son sat down with his great grandmother. My grandmother on my mother’s side. Of course, his interview was not nearly as in depth as the one I did with my father’s mother, but it was still educational.

For one, it was eye opening to my son to know that his grandmother was born during the Great Depression. He was also very interested to find out that she didn’t have a television until she was married.

Grandparent interviews are a great way for your kids to get to know their grandparents as people, not just “Grandma” and “Grandpa”. The finished report would even be a great Christmas gift for other members of the family. Add some photos and have it printed as a book.


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