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Organization: The Toys January 25, 2011

Filed under: Organization — geekch1ck @ 11:19 am

Christmas has come and gone and our house looked like a toy store exploded.  Especially since we have three boys of very different ages.  Something needed to be done.

Each boy has a wooden toy box that was given to them by their great grandmother for their first Christmas.  But, the little parts would get lost at the bottom of the box, and the toys would be abandoned or there would be a toy explosion as they pulled every toy out of the box to find that one matchbox car.  Plus, when I would get them to put everything back, the babies toys would end up in the four year old’s toy box and vice versa.  It was making me pull my hair out.

Last week I decided that enough was enough.  So, while the kids were at daycare I sat for three hours and organized everything.  The toy boxes were dumped and filled with blankets, extra sheets and out of season clothing (placed in ziploc bags and labeled appropriately).  Everything else was organized into clear bins and placed on the floor so that it is easily accessible.

The baby’s toys are placed in clear plastic drawers and the larger items are stored on the changing table shelves.  The eleven year old’s toys are in dollar store bins on his closet shelves.

Once everything was sorted, I set up “stations”.  The baby has a small basket next to his crib and his rolling drawers are downstairs.  The four year old’s toys are separated according to type of toys.  There is a “car” station, a “craft and reading” station, and a “puzzle” station.

I’m keeping a small dish bin downstairs on top of the rolling carts for “this goes upstairs” items.  That way, it can be put back at bedtime.

I have to say, the house no longer looks like a toy store.  Now it looks more like a daycare, but I can live with that.

Next on my list is my craft stuff. Ummm, yeah, that’ll be fun!


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