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How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

How I got Baby Shoes for Almost Free January 31, 2011

Filed under: Frugal,Kids — geekch1ck @ 10:12 pm

Due to the cold weather, we decided that the baby needed more than socks when he went in the car.  I crocheted him multiple pairs of booties, but he quickly kicked them off every time we put him in the car.  So, we decided that he needed an actual pair of shoes.

Now, I have a huge problem paying a large amount of money for shoes that he will grow out of in a month.  Especially since he’s not walking yet.  But, it was necessary..so off I went to Target.

Luckily, I did some online reconnaissance before I left.  I found out that Target was giving away $5 gift cards if you bought two boxes of Pampers diapers or Pamper wipes.  So, I bought two boxes of each for a total of $10 in gift cards.  I also had coupons for both the diapers and wipes.  Total savings $11.50.

The shoes that I found cost $12.99.  I went through the checkout first, and purchased the Pampers items.  I then handed the gift cards to my mother in law.  Total out of pocket for the shoes — $2.99.  That I can handle.

Have you gotten any good deals lately?


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