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Snow Days: Or why I will never homeschool February 2, 2011

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The latest influx of snow and ice has reminded me that I would never make it as a home schooling mom.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I admire and look up to many mothers who home school.  I completely believe there is no better way to get to know your children’s interests and teach them at their pace.  I also know myself.

I especially look up to the women who can spend all that time teaching their children and still find time to cook dinner, clean the house and write and publish actual books that sell.  I wish I could sit down with them over a bottle of White Zin and find out their secrets.

Me, on the other hand, I barely have time to shower when the kids are home.  Work, what’s that?  And, I have a major support system with both my mother in law and my husband home with me all day!  It just seems that I’m constantly running after this kid or that kid and I never actually get anything done.

I figured out a long time ago, that if I’m going to live a sane life, my kids are going to have to go to daycare and an actual school.  I felt terrible about this for awhile.  Especially when we decided to put the baby in daycare.  I beat myself up and felt like I was failing him.  Luckily, the daycare that they go to is staffed by my friends and family or I would have been a complete wreck.

I have come to accept that in order for me to work, I need a consistent quiet time everyday.  Trying to work during naps and “down time” doesn’t work for me.  I need an actual time where I am obligated to sit at my computer and do my job.

I also need time away from my kids (and they need time away from me) every day.  Does that make me any less of a mom?  I don’t think so.  I think it just makes me human.  Do I love my children any less?  No.  I know that to be an effective “mommy”, I have to have time to be “me”.  I can’t just walk away and take time for me when they are here so they go to daycare.  They are happy, I am happy and our family works better this way.


One Response to “Snow Days: Or why I will never homeschool”

  1. Never beat yourself up over this! Just think of it this way, daycares and schools provide our kids with the socialization skills they will not get if they were home with us all day. Your kids are learning how to interact with other kids of or close to the same age. I know there are a lot of women out there who disagree with this, but as a public school teacher myself, I see the need for kids to have the social skills necessary to survive in todays world!

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