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Patience February 21, 2011

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Patience has never been my strong suite.  If I get in my head that I want something, I want that something NOW!!  I’ve never understood why I had to wait for something.  Even something as precious as a baby.  Ask Steve, I was horrible when I was pregnant.  Yes, I know babies take time, but darn it, why so much time?

These last few years I have been trying to get my head around this whole “be patient” notion.  When you are trying to save money, you can’t just run out and buy the latest and greatest toy.  You either make do with what you have or you wait.

Now, “making do” can be fun when you are crafty like I am.  But, even that takes time.  For instance, I want to cover a few boxes with fabric for the boys toys.  But, since I went on a “use up your fabric” binge before we moved, I am all out of fabric.  So, I have to wait until I can either find something suitable at Goodwill or can afford to buy the expensive stuff that I want.

I’ll tell you what is really bugging me.  A few months ago, I broke my laptop screen.  The laptop works perfectly fine attached to a monitor, and that is how I’ve been working all these months.  I could buy a new laptop screen, but I got it in my head that it would be better to just buy a netbook.  I can use my laptop as a desktop and use the netbook as my “sitting on the couch” computer.  It would be less of a hassle, I tell myself often.  And, since my Droid can be used as a 3G hotspot, I can take the netbook anywhere and still do my work.

Well, since I’ve decided this, I have to write extra articles to make up the additional money to go toward a netbook.  And, since I’m finding it hard to write at all right now, the extra articles aren’t getting done.  This is trying my patience to no end.

You would think it would annoy me to the point that I would just get it done, but instead I’ve found myself just hoping for a new netbook to fall on my lap.  And, when I sit at my desk and look at my broken laptop screen, I get more and more annoyed.  See, no patience (or realism, either it seems).

So, dear readers, how do you handle things like this?  Do you just get annoyed and cranky or do you have a way to talk yourself out of it?  Any help in the patience department would be greatly appreciated.


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