A Geek and her Babies

How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

5 am February 23, 2011

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I’ve woken up at 5 am both yesterday and today.  I’m not sure yet if I’m going to continue getting up this early.  I should because I really, really like the solitude.  Both days I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to do some reading and journaling.

I’ve found that journaling in the morning helps me focus on the positives of my day.  Even if my journal is full of negatives.  Usually I spend my time writing out my worries and disappointments, and then focusing on what I can do to change them.

Some things can’t be changed and I know that.  But, it helps to remind myself that I am in charge of my attitude.  So, instead of wishing something permanent would change, I try to focus on how I can change to accept the new situation.

Now, that sounds all “Dr. Phil”, and I’m sure your saying “yeah, right.” (Especially if you know me personally).  I’m not saying it works all the time.  And, it definitely doesn’t always work right away.  But, I keep trying.  I keep writing down my frustrations and possible solutions and after awhile, I notice that my frustrations are less intense.

Anyway, back to the early morning thing.  5 am seems to be the only time in my day where everyone is asleep (and snoring) and I have some time for “me.”  I may not get a ton accomplished during my personal hour – hour and a half, but at least I can drink a couple cups of coffee and make a plan for the day.


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