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Just When I Think I’m Sunk… February 28, 2011

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Freelance writing is not a career for the faint-hearted. There is the loneliness, isolation and boredom that comes from being by yourself most of the time and that’s just the fun stuff. In my case, my fun is lessened by the fact that my beloved is only feet away, typing at his own computer.

The truly terrifying part of freelance writing is the ups and downs in the work and paycheck. Much of the time, I have more work than I need. Then I am scrambling for every minute that I can get at my computer. My brain is constantly “writing”, whether I am making supper, playing with the kids or driving the car. Those are the good times. I may get frazzled and testy, but there is plenty of work and I’m a happy writer.

The downside is when that work dries up and I don’t have work lined up. Sometimes, during the crazy period, I forget to look for work for the down periods. Other times, existing clients don’t have the amount of work I am accustomed to. Those times are hard. I start to question my writing ability and my chosen career.

I’ve been a down slump since the baby was born. I had whittled down my client base before he was born, knowing that my writing time would be limited. Then the work for the clients that I kept slowed down, due to the natural ebb and flow that happens. And I really didn’t have the time or energy to start looking for new clients. I was starting to really worry and wonder if I should be looking in a new direction.

Then, as I was really starting to panic, the tide started rising again. I’m not back up to the level that I was before, and that’s ok. The baby is still too much work to be spending that much time working, but I have work, and that makes me a happy writer again.


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