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A trip and an accident = scrapbook pages May 9, 2011

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Photo by Steve

I have started scrapbooking again.  The picture above is my first “quicky” page to get myself back on track.  I have a boatload of pictures that I need to organize, scrap and print.  Ever since Jeffy was born, I haven’t had the time or inclination to sit down and work on my pages.  Recently, in the last week, I have gotten both the time and the inclination back.

The inclination came from taking a trip to Knoebels Amusement Resort.  I’ll do a post about that trip soon.  Steve took some amazing pictures of the kids during the trip, including the one above.  Between that and the Easter pictures, I finally got the scrapbooking spark back.  I could see the pages I wanted to create.  All  I needed was the time.

The time came from an accident involving me trying to push a 975 lb lawn tractor by myself.

With all of the rain we’ve been having lately, the acre of grass we call our yard desperately needed to be mowed.  I only had a short period of time while it was not raining to get the grass mowed.  The kids were at daycare, my mother in law was at her new job, and Steve was at a doctor’s appointment.  I usually take him to his appointments so I had approximately two hours where I (technically) had nothing to do.

So, I got out the riding mower (which I love) and drove down to what we lovingly call our back 40.  Dropped the mower deck and mowed for umm..12 feet.  Then I got stuck.  Since it was a little too wet to be mowing, I figured I got stuck in the mud.  And, what does a tough as nails, nothings going to stop me, “oh no you didn’t just do that to me” Mom do?  Yep, I got off the mower, disengaged the transmission and pulled.  That is when I heard a “pop” and ended up on the ground, looking up at the sky, forcing myself not to get sick.

When I finally got up (after laying there for about 10 minutes and mentally calculating how long it would be until Steve got home), I tried to re-engage the transmission so that I could at least drive up to the house.  It was a big no go.  So, no I had a huge pain in my back and a broken mower.  I will admit that I sat back down on the mower and cried for another 10 minutes before I decided that I had to walk back to the house.  Did I mention that I started at the end of our huge yard?  The farthest point from the house I could get?  Yeah..you would have cried, too.

Luckily, the doctor thinks it’s only a torn muscle, no disk damage.  But, I was put on couch duty for 1-2 weeks.  What’s a girl to do but start the 1000 scrapbook pages she has piled up.  Right?  I think the first one turned out pretty darn good!


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