A Geek and her Babies

How one geeky Mom combines technology and old fashioned values to raise her babies.

The Four Year Old September 7, 2011

Filed under: Kids — geekch1ck @ 11:13 am

This is my funny little four year old. He loves video games and playing “war” with his older brother. He’s his Dad’s boy, by far. He used to be my boy, when it was just the two of us home all of the time. When his Dad started working from home, all of that changed. Sometimes I miss being the “main parent” in his life, but I love watching my two “men” hang out together and have fun.

This little man is full of opinions. Some of the things he says are so advanced for his age, it’s scary. But, at heart he’s still a little boy.

He’s also my little lover. There is not a day goes by without him randomly saying “hey Mom, I love you!” a hundred times, most of the time without even looking up from the video game he’s playing.

He is also my little “social butterfly”. He makes friends easily. Nothing stops him from going up to a new friend and announcing “Hi, my name is Sam. What is yours?” He’s often hurt if a new friend is too shy to talk back or doesn’t hear him. Shyness is a foreign concept for him.

He is the reason I believe strongly in “babywearing”. He was such a fussy baby when he was born. As soon as I got my first Moby wrap and popped him in, he settled down. It seems all he wanted was to be able to see the world.

When he finally decided that it was safe to be out of Mom’s arms, he became an independent, incredibly smart child. The past four years with him have been a complete joy. He is my life.


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