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10 Weekly Goals October 3, 2011

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Source: etsy.com via Kristen on Pinterest

I love this picture. I truly believe in writing down your goals and looking at the list daily. I missed the “looking at the list daily” part this week so, once again, I didn’t meet all of my goals. I’m a work in progress, though, so I’ll try again this coming week.

I did use my “non-goal making” time wisely, though. I decided to try something new and prepped all of the meals for the coming week on Friday and Saturday. All told, I cooked and froze 8 meals in less than 2 hours. More about that tomorrow.

Here’s how I did for this week:

1. Meet my weekly payment goal. (I didn’t make it this week, but I worked out the problems. More on that later in the week.)

2. Write 5 Geek’s Babies blog posts. (The reason for not meeting this goal has to do with why I didn’t meet the first goal.)

3. Write 5 Did I Sign Up For This? blog posts. (Same thing.)

4. Start Website design.


5. Reorganize items to make mornings and evenings flow better. (I am so grateful for my morning and evening routines. I didn’t feel like pulling my hair out!)

6. Follow menu plan. (Absolutely and made it even better this week!)

7. Clean office area.


8. Wake up by 6 am every day. (This may be a problem! I am so not a morning person.)

9. Go to bed by 10 pm every day.

10. Read Hurry Less, Worry Less: 10 Strategies For Living The Life You Long For by Judy Pace Christie. (Still working on it).
This week’s goals:

1. Develop marketing plan.

2. Meet weekly payment goal.

3. Write 5 posts for each blog.

4. Work on Website.


5. Begin cleaning for when my stepson and his family come to visit.

6. Menu plan for next week.

7. Organize Photos.


8. Read Hurry Less, Worry Less: 10 Strategies For Living The Life You Long For by Judy Pace Christie.

9. Walk or Wii Fit x 5.

10. Track WW points.

How are you doing on your goals? Is writing them down helping?


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