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Freezer Cooking October 4, 2011

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Source: food.com via Kristen on Pinterest

Friday was grocery shopping day. Normally, when I come home from shopping, I put everything away and cook my meals the day we are going to eat them. I may make up hamburger patties and marinate the meat before freezing them, but that is the extent of my prep work.This time, I decided to try something new. In a little more than two hours I had at least 8 meals prepped and ready to go. Here’s the list of the freezer meals I made:

If you are interested, here’s is how I did it:

Friday (1 hour 15 minutes)

As soon as I walked in the door, I turned on the oven so I could roast the chicken. Then I put 5 lbs of ground beef on the stove to fry. While, the chicken and the ground beef were cooking, I cut up onions and peppers to add to the ground chicken and cut up a roast to add to the tomato soup. I then made the base for the chili and the vegetable soup and placed it in gallon zip lock bags.

The roast and a bag of frozen veggies was added to the vegetable soup bag and that was placed in the freezer. It will go in the crockpot the day we are going to eat it.

The chili base received a third of the hamburger and a can of tomatoes and was placed in the freezer. The whole bag will be placed in the crockpot with a can of kidney beans on meal day.

The rest of the hamburger was separated into two Tupperware containers. labeled and placed in the freezer. On meal day, one container will be placed in the crockpot with a couple of jars of store bought sauce. That leaves only boiling the pasta to be done at meal time.

When the chicken was done, I pulled the meat off the bone. Half of the chicken was chopped for chicken pockets.

The other half was placed in a freezer bag with some Teriyaki sauce.  On meal day, I thaw some frozen broccoli in a saute pan and then add the chicken mixture. Pair with some rice and call it a meal.

Saturday (1 hour):

When it was time to cook on Saturday, I started the pizza dough in the bread machine. While the dough was being mixed, I finished up the chicken pockets and froze them (hint: next time I would omit the additional breading).  When the dough was finished, I made the pizza pockets and froze them.

We ate a few of the chicken and pizza pockets for dinner Saturday night. My family thinks that I should have switched the dough. In other words, the crecent rolls should have been used for the pizza pockets and the pizza dough should have been used for the chicken pockets. Next time I will try that.

Do you practice freezer meals? Do you have any favorite recipes?


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