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Weekly Goals November 8, 2011

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Our move has reiterated the importance of writing things down and setting goals. I didn’t take time to write any lists, check my calendar or set goals during the past two weeks. My only thought was “get this move done.” I was horrified at the amount of time I wasted and the semi-important tasks that I missed during the weeks.

I also neglected my health by eating processed foods. I also ate very sporadically. No wonder I got sick and can’t kick this cold.

We’ve also taken our kids out of preschool in order to save money. I was having a really hard time justifying $800 a month for preschool. So, a new goal heading has been added to my list.

Here are my goals for this week. I am spending the week focusing on my health and creating a new routine for us. One that centers on our family instead of on everything else.


1. Writing Practice
2. Read to kids every night


1. Finish up moving organization
2. Establish Routine
3. Freezer Cooking


1. Determine blog schedule for next two weeks
2. Work on Website


1. Drink Water
2. Weight Watchers
3. Finish listening to The Help

What are your goals for the week?


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