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Freezer Cooking November 9, 2011

Filed under: Meal Plan — geekch1ck @ 2:28 pm

No pictures. Sorry, still have not unpacked my camera. It’s here somewhere.

After not having a stove for a week, we finally found a free one on Freecycle. I’m so thrilled that we waited and didn’t go out and buy a brand new stove right away. I had to drive an hour to pick it up, but it is a beautiful stove and works wonderfully. I broke it in with my freezer cooking session in the new house.

I bought a bunch of meat on sale at one of the larger grocery stores in the area and quickly came up with a freezer plan. In a little over an hour, I froze the following packages:

2 packages of hamburger patties (formed but not cooked)
2 quarts hamburger, onions and peppers for pasta or tacos
1 package fajita steak (boy did that smell yummy)
2 packages pork chops in marinade (not cooked)
2 packages sirloin steak in marinade
3 quarts chicken soup
1 package shredded chicken

Here’s how I did it:

I put one of the chickens in the crockpot to “roast”. In the past I never really liked “crockpot chicken.” Recently, I have been scouring slow cooker recipe websites and I realized that I was putting too much water in with the chicken. This time, I just put the chicken in the pot with seasonings but no liquid. It turned out perfectly!

I also put another chicken into my stockpot with enough water to cover and some seasoning so it could boil down for soup.

Then, I started browning some of the ground beef with a green pepper and onion. As that was cooking, I formed the hamburger patties with the rest of the ground beef (I always add some bread crumbs, seasoning and an egg to my hamburger patties).

Once the ground beef was done browning, I transferred the meat into the freezer containers and used the same pan for the fajita steak. I cut the steak into strips, covered the strips with the juice of one lime, a tablespoon of minced garlic and some cayenne pepper and fried it up.

While that was frying, I stuck the sirloin steaks and pork chops in freezer bags and covered them with the marinades.

When the roast chicken was done, we ate some of it for supper and I shredded the rest.

Finally, I cut up the soup chicken, added the vegetables and noodles cooked it for a little bit more and then put the soup into containers. The soup containers went into the refrigerator for the night so I could skim off the fat before freezing it.

When I sat down to do my meal plan, I had enough meals for two weeks with at least 5 meals left over!

One hour’s work saved 14 hours later on down the road.


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