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Weekly Goals November 14, 2011

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Last week was much busier than I had anticipated. During our whirlwind move, both Steve and I had made appointments that were not placed in the family calendar. I would love to blame Steve for this, but it was mostly my fault. I also did not anticipate the added madness that having my kids home would bring. I had become very used to having a full six hours of uninterrupted time during my day.

We also still do not have true Internet access yet. The tech is coming today. Internet access was only through the MiFi. Online activities were severely curtailed.

With all of this going on, many of my goals were not met. Here’s how I faired:


1. Writing Practice
2. Read to kids every night (most nights bedtime came before we were ready)


1. Finish up moving organization
2. Establish Routine (This is a work in progress.)
3. Freezer Cooking


1. Determine blog schedule for next two weeks
2. Work on Website (No reliable Internet access)


1. Drink Water
2. Weight Watchers
3. Finish listening to <a href="The Help (I highly recommend this book!)

This week looks like it is going to be a quieter week. My new mantra is SIMPLIFY. With the holidays fast approaching, it is going to be busy enough as it is. With my mantra in my head, my goals for next week are:


1. Thanksgiving Hand Craft
2. Read to kids every night


1. Get Box Spring Upstairs (This is the last bit of moving to be done. My oldest is currently on a mattress on the floor because we have to rebuild the box spring to get it up the stairs!)
2. Type and Print Household Rules
3. Cook ahead for Thanksgiving


1. Work on Website
2. Write everyday


1. Weight Watchers
2. Exercise 3 days
3. 30 minutes of “me time” a day

What are your goals for the week?


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