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Weekly Goals November 21, 2011

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Source: etsy.com via Kristen on Pinterest

So, my discipline is still not quite up to par. I cannot seem to find my rhythm or the correct placement for my things in this new house. It seems was also a week for purchasing everything in site. My budget went out the window this week because everything that could break or rip, did.

But, I still have my goals and I understand that I am a work in progress. We will find a rhythm and life will fall into place.

Here is how last week went:


1. Thanksgiving Hand Craft
2. Read to kids every night (This is ongoing. It is our quiet time each evening


1. Get Box Spring Upstairs ( This is no longer my goal. Steve has to cut it down the middle. So, it’s now Steve’s goal)
2. Type and Print Household Rules
3. Cook ahead for Thanksgiving (We decided to have Thanksgiving catered this year because of how busy everyone is.)


1. Work on Website (Ongoing, until I am happy with it)
2. Write everyday ( I didn’t do very well with this one)


1. Weight Watchers
2. Exercise 3 days
3. 30 minutes of “me time” a day

Here’s my goals for the next week.


1. Salt Dough Ornaments
2. Read to kids every night


1. Scrub Carpets
2. Fix Stove Door
3. Thanksgiving Desserts


1. Work on Website
2. Write everyday


1. Exercise 3 days
2. Finish Crocheting Baby Blankets
3. Sew Advent Tree


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