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New Year, New Start January 2, 2012

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The past year has been incredibly busy and, frankly, overwhelming at times. As a family, we have been through many situations that we never expected. The year ended on a good note, but it seemed to be due to sheer luck, rather than any planning on our part.

During the week between Christmas and New Year, I spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out what when wrong and how we could do better in the coming year.  I came up three focus areas for my life.


I tend to be the type of person that makes everything 10 times harder than it needs to be. Steve also has this tendency. We research everything until we are more confused than when we started. Leaving the house is always a huge production. Getting ready for bed is worse.

I also overextend myself more often than not. I start projects that I have no time to finish. I seem to never set aside the appropriate time for any task.

This year I am consciously working on simplifying our lives. I am going to seriously consider the implications of any project I undertake and set aside more time for the projects I decide to do.I am also going to work on streamlining our routines, organizing our stuff and dedicating time for simply “being quiet.”

Family First

One of the largest contributors to the problems we experienced last year was that we spent a major portion of our time and energy focusing on “outsiders”, rather than our family unit. We had people move in and out, we tried to help friends and family who didn’t want our help and we spent way too much time worrying about what other people thought. Because of this, our kids suffered and Steve and my relationship suffered.

This year, our focus is on our family. We are going to limit the time spent on other people. I’m not saying we are not going to spend any time on other people. It will just be on our terms and based on what is best for us.

Healthy Living

Although I have tried to follow Weight Watchers and exercise, I did not do a very good job and my health and happiness have suffered greatly. It is very hard to deal with adversity if you are not feeling good. I have been spending so much time worrying about Steve’s health, that I have neglected my own.

This year I am going to focus on my health. I already know this will make it easier to keep the other two goals and will improve my ability to handle adversity.

I am not only focusing on my physical health, I am also focusing on my mental health. I have started my own Happiness Project and a 365 Project where I will take a photo a day. I am undertaking both projects because it has been pointed out to me that I have lost myself over the years as I focused more and more on the kids and Steve.  It is now time to rediscover what makes me happy.

What are your focus areas for the coming year?


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