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Board Games January 25, 2012

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Over the last few years our house has become video game-centric. Video games were something that Dad could do with the boys while laying on the couch recovering from his various surgeries. And, when you have one parent recovering from surgery while the other one is taking care of a newborn, you do what you can to keep everyone happy. (Please don’t judge.)

Now that Steve is as recovered as much as he’s going to be, we are trying to find things that don’t involve a screen that brings us together as a family. Bring on the board games…

This Christmas, we bought the kids games, but they were the board game variety.Scrabble,Scruble, Trouble and Candyland joined the decks of cards and Yahtzee game that we already owned.

Now, many week nights and most weekends you will find one or all of us sitting around our kitchen table playing a board game. My 12 year old is working on trying to beat Mom “just once” at Scrabble. The 4 year old is learning to take turns and count. And, we are doing something together as a family which doesn’t involve a screen (well unless you count the Android Scrabble dictionary that we use when it’s getting late and we just want to finish the game!)

How do you spend time with your family away from the screen? What are your favorite board games?


Our Library Programs January 24, 2012

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This winter, our local library started a bunch of new programs, including an unstructured play time for toddlers and a math and science class for preschoolers. It is absolutely wonderful way for our kids to get out of the house and interact with other kids especially since we had to take them out of preschool.

We actually have at least one library program every weekday. Along with the free play and science and math class, there are age appropriate and family reading programs and a family fun night.

The kids love every minute of it. They have made a lot of new friends and they are asking for books to read all of the time. Even Steve has started reading again. I call that a plus in any book.

Does your library have any cool programs? How do you keep your preschool kids busy in the winter time?


Sam’s 5th Birthday January 10, 2012

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My little man turned 5 yesterday. I cannot believe that it was only 5 years ago that I held him in my arms for the very first time. He has grown so much. All of a sudden, he goes from being my little boy to a very short teenager and back again in the space of a few minutes. It is confusing and funny at the same time. He is defiant, lovable and the source of most of my grey hair. He is so much fun to have around.

Over the weekend, we decided to take him to Chuck E Cheese’s for an impromptu family party. It was the “best birthday EVER!” according to him. He played video games (his absolute favorite thing) and rode the rides for hours.

He even had a Chuck E Cheese birthday cake. (They are surprisingly not that bad!)

We all had a wonderful time but it will not be something we do regularly. It is too busy and overwhelming. The kids (and parents) have spent the last two days recuperating from all of the fun!


The Four Year Old September 7, 2011

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This is my funny little four year old. He loves video games and playing “war” with his older brother. He’s his Dad’s boy, by far. He used to be my boy, when it was just the two of us home all of the time. When his Dad started working from home, all of that changed. Sometimes I miss being the “main parent” in his life, but I love watching my two “men” hang out together and have fun.

This little man is full of opinions. Some of the things he says are so advanced for his age, it’s scary. But, at heart he’s still a little boy.

He’s also my little lover. There is not a day goes by without him randomly saying “hey Mom, I love you!” a hundred times, most of the time without even looking up from the video game he’s playing.

He is also my little “social butterfly”. He makes friends easily. Nothing stops him from going up to a new friend and announcing “Hi, my name is Sam. What is yours?” He’s often hurt if a new friend is too shy to talk back or doesn’t hear him. Shyness is a foreign concept for him.

He is the reason I believe strongly in “babywearing”. He was such a fussy baby when he was born. As soon as I got my first Moby wrap and popped him in, he settled down. It seems all he wanted was to be able to see the world.

When he finally decided that it was safe to be out of Mom’s arms, he became an independent, incredibly smart child. The past four years with him have been a complete joy. He is my life.


My Baby September 6, 2011

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This boy is my very last baby. That fact makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Happy because my poor old body won’t take the abuse of another pregnancy. I may look like I’m built to carry babies, but I’m not. Each one of my kids has caused some kind of damage to me. This last one separated my pelvis and put me in excruciating pain for 3 months. Complete with wheelchair..nice!

I’m sad because I’ll never have another baby head just to sniff for hours. I’ll never get to carry my baby close to my heart in a wrap that I made just for that purpose. I’ll never again get to lie on the sofa with my baby tucked “just so” and nap. I miss that.

The little boy you see above is not a “mommy napper”. No, from the time he was born, he preferred to sleep in his own crib. You could try to lay down with him, but he wouldn’t truly fall asleep until he was alone in his crib.

He also stopped wanting to be in the sling as soon as he became mobile. Settle down for a nice ride? You’ve got to be kidding. There are things to do and people to see, don’t you know?

He’s a fiercely independent child. Oh, he makes sure you’re within a few feet of him, but he’s on his own. He thinks holding hands is torture. He will do it himself. Forget about strapping him into a stroller. He’ll walk, thank you.

He keeps me on my toes unlike any of my other children. He’s not yet 18 months old, but don’t tell him that. He’s sure he is four, just like his older brother. He doesn’t understand why he’s not allowed to play video games or ride the electric car or be in the back yard by himself. He’s got it covered.

This little boy is the light of my life. He was not at all expected but he was exactly what I needed. I thank God for him every single day even when he’s throwing an Academy Award winning temper tantrum.


Back to School August 29, 2011

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Our youngest kids started a new school last week. We decided that they should get “back to school” pictures just like our eleven year old. Here are some of the highlights:


I put them both in the same shirt simply because I’m dorky like that (and I think they look adorable!). They went to their school and then we went to the playground behind the school for some outdoor fun.

It was the first time we played at this particular playground and we had a lot of fun. I ran into an old high school friend who had her kids there, also. Her aunt (one of my high school teachers) organized a pick up softball game. The kids ranged in age from 1 to 7, so it was hilarious!

Today, my oldest starts sixth grade. I don’t have a picture because he goes to school from his dad’s house. I meant to get a picture over the weekend, but Hurricane Irene occupied a lot of my thoughts and I simply forgot. I’m going to make up for that this weekend.

I don’t think I’m old enough to have a kid in sixth grade, but obviously I am. I think I’m just going to go crawl under my covers and ignore this fact for the rest of the day!


Where He Learns to Traverse the Steps May 18, 2011

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Photos by Me. Dad was having a heart attack over this

Click through for a larger image

I veered off of my Knoebel’s scrapping to put together this one. The baby decided on Mother’s Day to figure out how to go up and down the steps to our deck. Of course, being the daredevil that he is, that meant head first.

Steve and I have different views on how and when Jeff should learn stuff like this. I figure as long as someone is with him, he can pretty much learn at his own pace. His Dad, on the other hand, would rather him wait awhile before working out the stairs and any other potentially dangerous situations. Usually, Jeffy learns at his own pace and Steve closes his eyes or finds something “really important” to do until the danger is over.

Jeffy is determined to follow his older brothers everywhere, even if it means freaking his Dad out a little bit!

I’m having a great time catching up on all my scrapbooking. I hope you are, too!