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Organization April 21, 2009

The tools you need can be found here

Organization is key to any scrapbooking project, not just scrapping with GIMP. So, before we jump into the actual process, I thought we should discuss this a little bit.

If you have your photos all in one folder, you may have problems down the road, especially when you are searching for all the photos from “Christmas, 2008” to make that page. And, if your scrapbook supplies are also in that folder, things could get a little hairy.

I use Google’s Picasa to view and organize my photos. I like it because you can view all your photos and scrapbook supplies and it does not move them out of the folders you have them in.

Picasa does not automatically see some of the supply file types, so you will have to change some settings. Open Options -> File Types> and select all the file types.

From Screen Captures

You probably won’t need the video file types, but if you have a camera with a video function it could be useful. You will however, need the other file types. The most annoying thing is to download some elements, open up Picasa and not be able to find them.

Now, on to the actual organizing. I have two main folders for my images – the My Pictures folder and a folder called Scrapbook Supplies. (I never said I was original.)

I organize my Scrapbook Supply folder with subfolders designated by the name of the designer or name of the kit that I downloaded. For example, when I downloaded the Shabby Princess Happy Go Lucky set, I put it in a folder called SP Happygolucky. I do this so that I remember the names of the designers and give credit where it is due. If you are not going to post your finished pages on a website anywhere, you may be want to have a folder for each paper, elements, and alphas.

Note: All the supplies you download are copyrighted. It is against the copyright to use the supplies for anything but your own personal enjoyment. It is perfectly fine to post them in scrapbook galleries or on your own website as finished layouts, but you should make every effort to give the designers their due whenever possible.

The actual photos I organize by year, event, and/or person. I have a ton of photos going back at least 9 years (many were scanned, of course). I have a top level folder for 2009, 2008, 2007, etc. Under each of them I have folders named Easter, Christmas, AirSpaceMuseum, Parkday, etc., and then I also have photos with the names of my kids for all those “daily” type pictures that really have no need to be in a separate folder.

Finally, I have one more top level folder called In Progress. That is the folder into which I copy the pictures and supplies for each page I’m currently working on. Notice that I said *copy*. This is a temporary folder. You will clean it out regularly, so you only want copies in that folder.

Now that I gave you an idea for how to organize things, go ahead and figure out your way. Next post will about the features of GIMP you will use regularly.


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