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Board Games January 25, 2012

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Over the last few years our house has become video game-centric. Video games were something that Dad could do with the boys while laying on the couch recovering from his various surgeries. And, when you have one parent recovering from surgery while the other one is taking care of a newborn, you do what you can to keep everyone happy. (Please don’t judge.)

Now that Steve is as recovered as much as he’s going to be, we are trying to find things that don’t involve a screen that brings us together as a family. Bring on the board games…

This Christmas, we bought the kids games, but they were the board game variety.Scrabble,Scruble, Trouble and Candyland joined the decks of cards and Yahtzee game that we already owned.

Now, many week nights and most weekends you will find one or all of us sitting around our kitchen table playing a board game. My 12 year old is working on trying to beat Mom “just once” at Scrabble. The 4 year old is learning to take turns and count. And, we are doing something together as a family which doesn’t involve a screen (well unless you count the Android Scrabble dictionary that we use when it’s getting late and we just want to finish the game!)

How do you spend time with your family away from the screen? What are your favorite board games?